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Online submission 2


After my last session online with the woman I called mistress I was absolutely shattered, but still managed to wash my panties, before I had a shower to get into bed. While in the shower I looked down at my hairy legs and thought they would look better smooth, so I got my razor and shaved my legs without thinking about it I shaved my balls and most of mine pubs, leaving a small triangle just above my cock. I trimmed this triangle and throught 'that makes my cock look a bit bigger' so I carried on shaving my stomach and chest untill I was completely smooth. dried myself and got into bed. It was… Read more

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A randy old couple help me out


Note- this is just fiction After my old aunt had seduced me and offered my services to a lot of her old friends, I had become addicted to fucking old ladies. But they were always just one fuck affairs. I wanted to build a relationship that provided a variety of sex. After all I was only 19 and found from reading that there was a lot of sexual stimulations on offer. It was a glorious summer when I found Sid and Mary sunbathing on beach in a small seaside town down south. With no thought but to get a nice tan I walked pass them and glanced down and got an instant hard on. It was Mary who was r… Read more

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A Journey


This was something that randomly came to me at 2am in the morning, hence why it is quite weird! Part 1 It started when he turned eighteen. Sev was a student at a local upper school, in his final year of his education, otherwise known as sixth form, when his life changed dramatically. He knew it would happen of course; his father had taught him long ago during one of his brief stints at home before he left to go back to work. His mother was not in the picture, having died during c***dbirth but his father never resented him and loved him greatly. As Sev sat in history class, bored once again a… Read more

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Sissy Kristy Gets Drilled in the Lowe's Parki


Another true story of one of my many sex-capades: Late one night (more like early one morning) I met a trucker on Kik that was passing through my area. For me, nothing is hotter than getting plowed by a truck driver in the sleeper cab of his truck, so I had to make this hook up work! The problem was that I was horny now, but he wasn't going to be in my town for another couple of hours. So, I decided to hook-up with another guy from Kik. (A decision I would totally regret later on.) You can read what happened with him here: https://xhamster.com/stories/sissy-gets-used-972672 That black guy f… Read more

Posted by Sissyfuckmeat 10 hours ago 3 1,213 89%

Cheating coworker takes a strangers cum


It was about 2 months into a new job I had gotten in a small office. It was just my and 3 women in there, two in long term relationships and one to old for me. It was a normal office job where I had an office and my own space. The job itself was challenging and I was beginning to feel like it was too much work. The days seemed long and when I got home I would think about work all night. One of my coworkers took the bus with me in the mornings. We began talking and building a work related relationship. Halfway through a terrible week J, who is 23, texts me that she is cold and I tell her she n… Read more

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FaceTime with Ann Next Door


I never FaceTime. I'm not a adolescent girl. I don't need to see your face when a simple text will do. Call me an old bastard, get-off-my-lawn type, but that's the way it is. (By the way, I'm not that old). So when that mechanical beeping emanates from my phone that someone wants to FaceTime me, it's definitely out of the ordinary. Especially when it's 10:30 on a Tuesday night. I got to my phone and it said "Ann FaceTime video." Well, this was different. Ann Next Door and I been fooling around on the side a few times—mostly at my house—but had been careful not to call too much attention to… Read more

Posted by L3sPau1 11 hours ago 3 1,661 100%

The fourth vacation day at Barbados

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I lifted my head feeling a shattering hangover. I could not remember a single thing about the night before; but the hard headache told me it had been wild for sure. Waking up, I saw them fucking very close to me. My sweet wife’s eyes were closed and her body was moving in smooth rhythm to that huge black guy’s gentle penetration. Their lips and tongues met as Ana’s hands roamed over his body. I noticed my wife was looking aroused; but she did not seem to be moving towards her own orgasm. The bitch was just receiving her lover and enjoying him while giving as much pleasure as she could. For… Read more

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Taken inside a bathroom (A third man and a woman)

MatureLesbian SexMasturbation

That cruel bastard left the bathroom. It had been my second attacker in less than an hour and he had sodomized me with no mercy at all. As he closed the door, I sat down on the toilet and slid a finger in my abused asshole. It was fully stretched, dripping some sticky cum and now really sore. I cleaned the better I could and then covered my naked buttocks with my short conservative black dress. I stood up; but then all of a sudden, the bathroom door was opened again. A very handsome guy in his forties appeared in front of me. I thought he was would back out when he saw me there, but he smi… Read more

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Bi-annual Worship Session (not true – last night’s

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

I’m waiting for Her to arrive. My laptop is open on the desk with Her worship folder big on the desktop. The video camera’s on its tripod pointing at the door. The worship sheets I’ve printed for Her, along with a mag cover and Worship Certificate, plus the Worship Session Assessment form that She also completes nowadays, are spread across the desk. I’m in my ‘dirty’ mac, which nowadays I leave open, with my wank-trousers underneath with a few discreet crusty spunk-stains on them. I don’t even take my flat cap off, and I do look every inch the pervert mac-wanking dirty old man. My nerves hav… Read more

Posted by gorpur 12 hours ago 201

BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapters 6 - 10


Chapter 6 Four Months Earlier... New York City... I stared at Rambo. "Well?" "I can't work miracles, Sugar Tits..." "Would you fucking stop calling me that!" Rambo didn't even bother answering. A smirk and another fistful of potato chips stuffed into his fat face was all I got. When he did bother answering it was to answer my first question while brushing crumbs from his shirt. "Look, I'm great at hacking, but there simply isn't anything to hack. I've hacked every file of every computer connected to the public server and the floor plans of the building and its securi… Read more

Posted by cme2bleve 12 hours ago 1 160 100%

Career Cocksucker 6 -Discovering Raunch

Interracial SexBDSMGay Male

I ventured back out into the club, hoping I would not run across Steve, and if I did, would certainly apologize. But I didn't have to. He was in the dark room getting fucked by Jay while sucking another guy. I stood and watch him service two Black men and was envious of his talent as he never missed a beat despite getting rammed hard by Jay while being face fucked by another guy. I stood and watched the action. Across the room I saw a hot looking man standing alone. He was a dark skinned, chunky, young guy in his early 20's. I went over and stood close to him so I could get a better look and… Read more

Posted by buck4bear 12 hours ago 336 100%

Milly’s Cousin Janie Part 2


While Milly was out of the room Janie sat back on the sofa and now had a look of lust on her face albeit she didn’t know it and I could see her nipples standing out like little bullets and she was still licking her lips as she got to grips with the after taste in her mouth, “Do you mind if I stay naked Janie?” I asked as I sat back with my limp cock hanging down, Janie giggled as she looked down between my legs and I got the impression she was enjoying seeing her first male specimen, “Oh no sir, not at all sir, if its more comfortable for you sir then I don’t mind sir” she said starting to fee… Read more

Posted by britguy 13 hours ago 1 1,460 100%


HardcoreFirst TimeGroup Sex

Chapter 6 I left early for the train station before my parents were up so I wouldn't have to listen to my mom about my choice of clothing. My shorts were a bit too short for parental approval and my top... It was a bit to small for my big tits. There was a hint of nipple showing through the stretched material and if I got cold... Well, I wasn't wearing a bra so there would be pokies. I was waiting for Danny outside the coffee shop and one look at his face said I'd chosen my clothes well. I struck a pose and sai… Read more

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Breakout of the rut Sissy!

MatureAnalGay Male

I suspect many of us have a lot in common. I am married to a prude who wasn’t always a prude and knew I was going to wear lacy panties and thigh highs and encourage her to as well then talk to alpha males online before we married. I didn’t know I was a sissy, I didn’t know I wasn’t unique. She aroused me and still does only not as often. When we first explored and experimented I was able to mix my desires in with fucking her up the ass or she’d strap on a dildo and fuck me as I spread my legs on my back in thigh highs and panties and she tol video. We were both kinky and it allowed me to be fr… Read more

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Chapter 6 - Anna - Part 1

FetishTabooFirst Time

It was time for the well-known top grade dance ball. The preparations for this take more than half a year, starting with dance courses and the general organization of the evening, to which all parents of the students were invited. You could choose a partner for the dance classes, but since I don't count dancing among the things I can do, it was actually more of a thorn in my side to take part. To make matters worse, all the “coveted” girls were already taken or had already been asked - at least I thought. So I was very surprised that that Tuesday Anna (name changed) asked me if I wanted to… Read more

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Glory Hole # 2

TabooFirst Time

My name is Dan; I am 23 years old, 6' 1" 175 pounds of rock hard muscle due to my construction job. I was never very popular in school, probably due to a really bad case of acne as a teenager. It's now cleared up nicely but I have no confidence with girls due to hundreds of times being turned down when I asked them for dates as a teenager. I make great money for my age, just over $25 an hour and I average over 45 hours per week. Since I never had a date in high school, I grew quite good at jerking myself off. One Friday after work one of my crew mates said we should go the 'glory hole' bar. I… Read more

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Glory Hole

First TimeHumor

W.O.O.F.S. That was the term I heard applied to people in situations similar my wife's and mine. k**s grown and out of the house... six figure income... "Well-Off Older Folks," they call us. Well-off perhaps, but older folks? Fifty-seven is old? Fifty-two? Those are the ages of my wife and me, and I certainly don't consider us "old." Yet to many, I suppose we are. We certainly don't feel all that old, however, and my wife sure as hell doesn't look it. Mary is gorgeous. A stunning, slender brunette, with snappy brown eyes, stylish jet black hair, and a terrific body, she still attracts more th… Read more

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Daddy's Girl and His Baby Sister


This is my little sister. Her name is Zoe. A few days ago she came over to visit. I have two bathrooms in my house. One of them is in my room the other one is in a hallway. I also have a 19-year-old daughter. Typically when we have guests my daughter uses my bathroom. Anyway... I needed to use one of the bathrooms so I went into the hallway bathroom. I didn't think anybody was in there. Well as it turns out my baby sister Zoe was in there. I had to use the bathroom really bad so I went into it very very quickly. As soon as I went in I saw my baby sister. She forgot to lock the door. She had a… Read more

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My Most Embarrassing Erection


I was at the university's health center and I had to get a physical for soccer. It was kind of a two-fer: the physician was an older woman who wasn't unattractive - but someone I would have never really thought about her "in that way". At the same time, I caught a glimpse of a girl from my English Lit class cleaning the doctor's office - emptying trash bins, dusting, running the vacuum. Oh - and she just happened to be on the school's women's lacrosse squad. I know - you're probably thinking that this is going to turn into a Penthouse letter. It's not. But it makes for a nice memory. The doct… Read more

Posted by edge4hours01 15 hours ago 1 1,789 91%

gay test

Gay MaleHardcoreFetish

Test: how gay are you? All bisexuals, gays and the curious on XHamster can copy / paste this test into their profile by answering the following questions: Step 1 ======= 1. Do you like porn with transsexuals? Yes very 2. Do you prefer masturbation, blowjob or penetration videos while watching porn? Especially the blowjob 3. Have you ever wondered what semen tastes like? No, I've been swallowing for a long time 4. While watching porn, have you ever caught yourself staring persistently at a man's cock despite the presence of a horny girl? Yes, a cock makes me hornier 5. Are you disappointe… Read more

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